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January 21, 2011

Homo Adorans

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All rational, spiritual and other qualities of man, distinguishing him from other creatures, have their focus and ultimate fulfillment in this capacity to bless God, to know, so to speak, the meaning of the thirst and hunger that constitutes his life. “Homo sapiens,” “homo faber” … yes, but, first of all, “homo adorans.” The first, the basic definition of man is that he is the priest. He stands in the center of the world and unifies it in his act of blessing God, of both receiving the world from God and offering it to God. … The world was created as the “matter,” the material of one all-embracing Eucharist, and man was created as the priest of this cosmic sacrament. -Alexander Schmemann


January 18, 2011

Doric Column

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Charcoal drawing of a Palladian Doric column.

Drawing of Rothenburg

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“If anything is certain about the Christian view of economic and political values, it is that these are entirely relative/ To treat them as absolute is a form of idolatry.” – The Lord of History: Reflections on the Inner Meaning of History

“While the artist as such is neither physicist nor metaphysicist, without him physics cannot lead to metaphysics.” -Prayer as a Political Problem

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