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May 20, 2010

Psalms 95

Filed under: Praise — Eric G. Ivers @ 8:52 am

Lest I ever forget, do I not remember that I was without hope in often times. By the strength of my own arms did I not dig the deepest of pits? By the inspiration of mine own vision, did I not travel the wrong paths? By hearing my own reason, did I not build cogent mountains upon false premises? Did I not taste the fruit of my own destruction?

But you O Lord, took pity upon me and set me upon a shore foundation.

By council you caused me to ask for the impossible. And you gave it.

In my relinquishment of care you gave me what I grasped for.

By your hand you have fed me with the delicacies of your own table.

Who are you that you are mindful of me? And for what, do you take notice of my goings?

Day in and day out you show me that you are there. But not simply there; intimately involved.

Let me not forget who brought me out of the land of my birth and set me toward the promise of my inheritance. The discontent of my heart is purged in the fire of your spirit. You have vanquished the desire of my heart and have left nothing to want. I will praise you will my mouth and in the morning I will sing of your blessings. The Lord has caused the memory of grace to be engraved upon my heart. Blessed be the name of the Lord.


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